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PINDAR Messenger Shoulder Carrying Bag Durable Case (Aqua Trim) For Microsoft Surface 2, Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Windows 8 RT Tablet Computer

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Pindar! Carrying Messenger Shoulder Bag. Pindar was made stylish slim and convenient. Main compartment is approximately 11.5 x 10 x 1.5 inch with extra padding for maximum protection, main compartment is also suitable with 2 hidden doors that allow you to sneak in a charging cable and charge your device making it very convenient to keep your device charging while its still being protected. Across the main compartment there is a mesh pocket suitable for any keyboards, notepads, usb cables chargers etc. Front is also suitable with another compartment to fit additional accessories or even a small tablet, eReader or navigation device up to 8 inch. The Pindar bag also comes with a durable adjustable shoulder strap that can be remove when not in use, also the Pindar bag was build with 2 hidden hand straps that can be pulled out for when in used. Another feature that this unique protective Pindar bag offers is a dedicated front pocket for your cellphone or MP3 player, with a Velcro door to a clear window so that you can navigate your device without having to remove it from the bag, above this pocket there is a small opening that allows you to connect your earphones to your cellphone or mp3 device without leaving the compartment open. Overall this is a must have Pindar Bag, Protects from bump dents and scratches, looks very stylish, unique and its a very convenient travel messenger bag that will suite your needs. Material: Water-Resistant Nylon Material that can sustain dust. Interior: Foam Padding wrap with durable non-scratch nylon material that will protect your device from bumps dents and scratches.
Fits Microsoft Tablet: Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, Surface (1), Surface Pro (1).
The Pindar Bag is compatible with all of Microsoft tablets with and without Keyboard Plus its accessories.



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