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IQ Shield LiQuidSkin - Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Screen Protector & Warranty Replacements - HD Ultra Clear Film - Protective Guard - Extremely Smooth / Self-Healing / Bubble-Free Shield

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IQ Shield

How often have you bought a screen protector promising easy installation, HD clarity, and anti-scratch protection only for ugly imperfections or bubbles to appear only days after applying?

As techies, having gone through the same irritating experience in dealing with terrible products and false promises, we understand what you want in mobile protection and are creating products you can believe in.

LIQuidSkin Protection

The LIQuidSkin film is our way of putting money where our mouth is by developing protection that actually stands up to its claims.

As the first of its kind in a new line of "smart film", LIQuidSkin is an ultra-smooth, highly responsive, hassle-free material made with touchscreen users in mind. Melding safety and user enjoyment into a single satisfying experience, the LIQuidSkin line is built on a philosophy of "seamless interaction".

Using a unique liquid molding process, our film ignores conventional "layer-stacking" to deliver protection in a single sheet of frictionless, tough yet flexible, durable yet thin, crystal clear film with "True-Feel" sensitivity.

Our unique LIQuidSkin screen protector film features:

-Zero lag-time from touch to response for accuracy down to a pixel.
-Ultra smooth feel and HD clarity indistinguishable to a device's screen.
-Wet-install and single layer film prevents bubbles, tearing, or peeling.
-Unique adhesive and urethane material improves on conventional PET film for added flexibility and maximum coverage.

Our 100% Lifetime Guarantee

We back IQ Shield products with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. We're so confident in our products, you'll receive 100% completely free replacements should you need to replace your LIQuidSkin for any reason!



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